Paper straws

Being against plastic straws, we opt for the paper version. And our coconuts are served fresh from our garden. 


We believe education is key to preserving our planet, which is why we sponsored the mural showing the decomposition timeline of everyday products to the Kama


Mwenge is an annual national event, when a torch is carried across the
country to unite people. We were happy to support its arrival at Kama
Village's new hospital.

An incredible weaver

We are buying our woven items such as baskets, mats, food covers from an amazing man, who is a grandfather, who still support his family despite his blindness.


We buy glass from Shanga, who is a successful social enterprise which employs people with disabilities to create unique, handmade glassware incorporating recycled materials. Profits being reinvested back into developing opportunities to employ more people with disabilities.

Kama Village matters

Meeting with Hon Machano Othman Said discussing local roads improvement

Sharing water

Sharing is caring. Because water is still not available to all, we share ours with local villages around the resort. 

Catch of the day

Supporting local fisherman by buying locally fresh fish from directly in front of the resort. 

Fixing the road

Heading out to check the damage on the road to improve the surface. 

Kama Village matters

Meeting with Sheeha, KimiKazi General, JKU General, Chief of Police discussing local enviormental and educational matters

Kama School

Helping to renovate the local school because we believe in investing in our future. 


Local tailor sewing the staff's unfiroms from kitenge - traditional African Fabric. 


Buying only glass bottles from CocaCola, which we then recycle. 

Zanzibar Tourism Show

Participating in a great initiative with other hoteliers and private institutions discuss environmental issues and the impact of tourism on the resort. 

PET recycling OZTI

Discussing possibilities of delivering the resort's PET empty containers to OZTI for recycling into amazing utility items.

Prison Island

Visiting the spectacular Tortoise territory with local government officials to suggest enviornmental improvements

Masai heritage

Masai staff is building a traditional hut on the resort grounds to share their cultural heritage with our guests.

Local Music

Meeting at the Dhow Countries Music Academy to choose music for the resort composed by local musicians.

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