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On the tropical island of Zanzibar there is a luxurious oasis just for you - the ZanziResort.

ZanziResort possesses seven luxurious ocean-view villas and six African Eco garden-view bungalows, all of them lavishly equipped, and located on a 6 hectares area. This guarantees that our guests will have the utmost privacy as they delight in all of the sights, sounds and serenity of beautiful Zanzibar. Besides accommodation in unique villas guests can also use excellent restaurant, small but private hotel's beach, amazing jetty, big swimming pool and Relax Area with open-air gym, Ganbanyoku bed and massages.

Ticket to heaven

Visit this paradise on earth

Maybe you can't buy your ticket to heaven, but you sure can visit this paradise on earth. The place is so much more than I've expected. It actually looks better than in the pictures.

Tihana T., Croatia

5 / 5

Taste of paradise

Calm serenity, delicious food

The ZanziResort gives you a taste of paradise. Calm serenity, delicious food, perfect attention to detail, attentive and welcoming staff. A cosy atmosphere with old fashion safari elegance.

Janet, Canada

10 / 10

With my family

This place is stunning!

I've been there with my family for 2 weeks and for sure that was the best time in my life! This place is stunning! Breath-taking! I'm totally in love with their food! Wow! I hope one day I’ll come back to ZanziResort!

Zuzanna O., Poland

5 / 5