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Zanzi Boat

Explore the island with our own Zanzi Boat!
Go for a romantic sunset cruise and enjoy the serenity and splendor of the Indian Ocean without any interruptions.
Would you like to get to know better history of local community? We will take you to the Mangapwani Coral Cave. After caves experience there will be a time for snorkelling on the coral reefs.
Our experienced captain and excellent guide will take you also to the Prison Island and for the sand bank trip.
Have your own idea of exploring the island by boat? Let us know – we will be happy to organize your cruise!



The resort has their own dhow(sailing boat), so we went to prison island by sailing directly from our restort jetty. it was a spectacular experience. We chilled at the upper deck for some sunbathe on the way sailing there and our guide showed us around when we reach the prison island.

Nefri, Taiwan

You must also take their boat to Prison Island - an amazing way to travel (with a beer!), jump into the water and Prison Island itself has giant tortoises, one of which is 191 years old.

Naomi, United Kingdom